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Bill Chester

Managing Partner
Oil and Gas Operations

Bill Chester earned a M.S. in Science from Stephen F. Austin and went to work for Allied Bancshares in Houston, Texas as a vice president in oil and gas lending. Bill managed a loan portfolio of $100 million with an emphasis on small cap companies.

In 1981, Bill accepted a position as President with Richmark Bancshares, which owns nine banks with more than 500 employees of which 45 were commercial loan officers who Bill directly managed. Richmark Bancshares commercial loan portfolio was diversified in oil and gas, real estate and small business lending. Bill’s emphasis was oil and gas and managed a loan portfolio of $175 million.

After Richmark Bancshares, Bill became the owner of Crestar Investments LLC, where he raised $200 million in investment capital to acquire, drill and operate oil and gas leases in Texas and Louisiana. Crestar owned and operated six drilling rigs. During a 12-year period, Crestar used six of its privately owned drilling rigs to drill and complete more than 2,000 wells for clients. In 1996, Bill sold his interest in the Crestar operation. By the time Bill left Crestar, he had grown the company to more than 1,000 employees.

In 1998 Bill became Vice President of Strategy One Solutions-3-D Seismic. He was responsible for all financial and regulatory operations of the company.

Bill then worked for Terax Energy as VP of drilling operations in Texas. After it was sold, Bill worked as a consultant in oil and gas until he started Energy Producers, Inc. in 2007.